The Pogostick (1 & 2)

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A: We recommend using an oil based liquid or other lubricant to loosen up the shaft and spring to keep it bouncing nice and smooth. You can use WD, baby oil, vaseline etc. A: Yes, we recommend staying within the weight range rather than the age range. View account. This variant is currently sold out Please fill in the form below if you'd like to be notified when it becomes available. Q: Why is the spring so stiff? Q: Can I replace the bottom tip? Q: What is the weight limit? Q: Does this come fully assembled?

Then you can think about it this way: the average difference between any two adjacent intersections in a given city. Oh there's plenty of blocks in Vienna. They're just not necessarily rectangular. Isn't a block a cuboid? Naga 3 months ago.

Step 1: Theory (For Interest Only: Completely Skippable)

I'm from Canada and it makes perfect sense to me. It's not incomprehensible. As an Australian, I've always used "block" to mean an arbitrary short distance, up to maybe 1 km. It's not an actual measurement, but rather a figure of speech. Just like "round the corner" doesn't actually mean literally around the corner. In my South American corner of the world, blocks are about m. Most cities there are relatively new specially when compared to European ones , so most of them were planned from the beginning.

So each block Can be really far from the next.

Please, we're not that consistent. In Chicago there's 8 blocks to the mile. I never implied we were. But the newer the city the more consistent the pattern. Most of the post war city planning is ft, baring geographical concerns. But a typical US city block is larger than Parisian block which is about ft, on average. I only said that because your statement could be interpreted as an absolute.

Even in a city like NYC which is a grid in many areas, blocks aren't really standard. Crosstown are about 3x that but vary quite a bit. In both Amsterdam and Hague, city blocks when they exist seem to be surprisingly similar in size to those in Manhattan, New York. About meters in one direction and meters in the other direction.

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RaceWon 3 months ago. Bro, do you even pogo? Yeah, but if you view it as a novel way to get people to download an app and later the app offers scooters, bikes, and rides you can see where it might be going I'm not saying pogo sticks as an onboarding strategy is a great idea but its also not nearly the worst idea i've ever encountered from a startup. Is it not? Seems to be working out well for them so far.

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The opening paragraph has one of their Psychologist angel investors saying exactly this. That movie I stumbled upon another example of seemingly non-sensical potato-printing-and-mailing businesses in a Twitter post[0] yesterday. Mailaspud is actually going strong since at least so it's definitely not a joke. At this point I will believe anything.

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Still makes more sense than renting pogosticks. The fact that we even have to ask this means that the industry has already jumped the shark. Nothing can beat child-adoption Tinder though. Luckily, it was satire. That's what I always say about my business ideas when I start getting the death threats though.

Gullible people also thought Bonsai Kittens was real too. It is a joke? They say it right there in the article, it's just a stunt they're doing to get the brand out there. Semiapies 3 months ago. I think it would work better as marketing if they hadn't just admitted that it was. Could still mention the scooters, just claim that they are a minor side business to your pogostick empire.

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ACME Pogo-Stick

Every time the topic of pogo sticks comes up, I have to fight the urge to buy a Vurtego V4[0]. I would say there's more than a "few attempts" at powered unicycles - it's an entire industry, complete with expensive brands, cheap Chinese offerings, enthusiast forums, and listicles with titles like "top 10 electric unicycles to buy in ".

The design has pretty much converged now. I was considering getting one for my daily commute, but a part of me fears that no matter how skilled I got with it, riding over rough ground would still be a risky business. One pothole and your face is in the dirt. What would you change about current EUCs to make them more practical? IronBacon 3 months ago. I would love to have one of the Honda unicycle used in the Ok Go video I won't let you down? CaptainZapp 3 months ago. Only when they come with AI and are cloud based. Sorry to ask but as person from the Netherlands, is there any definition of the length of a "block"?

And then, why not use meters? Or feet if you want to of course? A block is just some arbitrarily short distance.

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It's worse than not precise, for a large part of the readership here it is utterly meaningless. It's not meaningless; you just don't know the meaning. If I were on a website where a good fraction of the people were Francophones, and someone slipped in the word "beaucoup", I wouldn't complain that it's utterly meaningless -- I would politely ask what it meant, or look it up in a dictionary. I understood instantly.

What do you mean by a "large part" of the readership. Is it precise?

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Natural languages: where ambiguous meanings abound, and yet we manage to form complex social structures nonetheless. Let me put it this way - as an European, I have literally never been to a city which is divided into blocks like the American cities are. It sounds like you're conflating blocks and rectangular grid plan. A block is just a cluster of buildings in an urban or semiurban environment that don't have streets between them.

They don't have to be rectangular. When used as an informal distance, it means the distance between subsequent urban cross-streets that you should be able to walk in about a minute. If you've been anywhere in Europe that has more people than sheep, then you've definitely seen blocks without realizing it. Ah, OK, I assumed it was some standard demarcation - like in USA cities the modal average distance between crossroads intersections was 80m, or something.

In UK we say "to the next corner" sometimes but not as a measurement, per se , I guess that would be equivalent? It sounds like when you say "about a minute" that this would over-rule the "next intersection" part. So when you say "it's a blocks walk away" or whatever you're saying "it's a minute['s walk] away"? There will inevitably be some interpretive ambiguity when one passes a T intersection that only goes right.

Was that a block even though there was no available left turn? Did the person mean "pass three lefts and this one doesn't count because it's a right"? Nobody knows. It's why we name streets now. When talking abstractly, yes. Almost all European cities are too old to have one unless they were rebuilt ie. Baron Haussmann work in Paris.

I don't think he's conflating, I had the same exact impression when hearing "I had to run 5 blocks" As another European, I grew up in a city that was divided into blocks and where "couple blocks away" was idiomatic common expression. I mean I know they exist - Barcelona is divided into blocks I think. But personally I've never been to a city like that. I've been to at least 10 European cities and they all had blocks that were of similar size to ones in American cities.

Sorry about that. Which ones? Oh I can translate! The city where I live has short distances between bus stops, just about two blocks.

The Pogostick (1 & 2) The Pogostick (1 & 2)
The Pogostick (1 & 2) The Pogostick (1 & 2)
The Pogostick (1 & 2) The Pogostick (1 & 2)
The Pogostick (1 & 2) The Pogostick (1 & 2)
The Pogostick (1 & 2) The Pogostick (1 & 2)
The Pogostick (1 & 2) The Pogostick (1 & 2)
The Pogostick (1 & 2) The Pogostick (1 & 2)

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