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In , architect George W.

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The popular newspaper tabloid from following decades trafficked in one form of scandal surrounding the crime of regrettable deeds: originating in the private sphere and then splashed in the public one. These stories trade in schadenfreude while simultaneously performing in the interest of public good.

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Today, shocking headlines proliferate. If scandal shapes and reflects the historical moment, what does this de-sensitization say about our current condition? Many artists and architects operate fully conscious of an anaesthetized public.

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Thresholds Scandalous investigates the relevance of scandal in creative practice. Its content confronts a history of devious schemes, spectacular headlines, and pulp fictions by engaging them in critical conversation.


Sometimes the scandal got out of control - spiralling into headlines, court cases and even suicides. But in other cases the only remaining evidence of any unusual happenings are handwritten letters, penned by moonlight. Read on….

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Little did Profumo know, this affair was not only about to cause a scandal, but a twist in the tale meant it posed a huge security risk. It would go on to end his career, trigger a suicide and bring down the government that he served.


Beatie Holme-Sumner, who was born in at Hatchlands Park in Surrey, was at the centre of a scandal because of her relationship with a married man, Charles Hoare. He was twice her age and married with five children. For Beatie, however, the only way was up. Controversial relationships filled his life, but it was tea that was blamed for the early death of Lord Hervey, the second Earl of Ickworth.

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He was notorious for his outspoken memoirs of the court of George II, his effeminate style, sharing a mistress with the Prince of Wales and having a 10 year relationship with another man. Despite this he never separated from his wife and the couple had eight children together. Elinor Glyn fell in love with George Nathaniel Curzon, owner of Montacute House and he entrusted her with the task of redecorating the house.

Read this and more stories of occupants who have lived at Montacute. The Bishop appears to have been extremely fond of his young relation and when a journal suggested that the pair had improper relations the gossip spread fast.

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Edith Winn was engaged to the grandson of the Earl of Shaftesbury, but secretly accepted a proposal from another man. Uncover Nostell Priory's past. Many of the places we look after have connections to kings, queens and other members of royalty.

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