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Yet Strange Girl is more than an adventure story in a dark and dangerous world. It is also an examination of faith, doubt, fate and destiny.

Bethany wrestles with the repercussions of the Rapture, arguing with other characters about the callous and capricious nature of God. Remender does a great job of depicting various degrees of faith. Mouse is a firm believer though his journey eventually leads him to a crisis of faith. Some of the religious leaders are manipulative and evil, yet other believers are sincere and hopeful. It is this depiction of faith, in addition to the depth of characterization, that is the real strength of Strange Girl.

Strange Girl is therefore a very personal story. Yet Remender remains incredibly even-handed about people of faith, showing a range of religious attitudes that reflect the reality of life. As I mentioned at the outset, Strange Girl is an interesting book, but not a perfect one.

Strange Girl #15

As the series progresses, Remender finds a better balance between deep conversations and riveting action. I was also disconcerted when Bloato was killed a third of the way into the volume. Strange Girl is a fascinating, complicated, funny, poignant, thought-provoking, personal story. I sometimes wondered how much better the book could have been if Remender had waited to write it until he was a more developed author.

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But then I realize that this was part of his development as a writer, and that the mistakes he makes along the way are as much a part of this book as his struggles with religion and his sense of humor. Share Tweet. Views: Great review, Chris. This was the series that first made me notice Remender's work. I was reading it more or less as it came out--I think my collection is a combination of single issues and the original TPBs.

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